• Create a permanent Blockchain record of every transaction
    Tie the product to the Blockchain not just the packaging
  • Do you really know who your supplier is?
    Prevent production overrun and stop the Grey Market supply before it gets to market
  • Preventing Grey Market and Diversion
    Identify counterfeit products and cut off Grey Market supply before it goes online
  • Fighting Counterfeit and Diversion takes a team effort
    Protect your brand from the negative effects and liabilities caused by counterfeit and diverted products

iTRACE Technologies specializes in Brand Protection and Product Security. Our unique patented technology enables our customers to police their brands, prevent diversion, cut-off the grey market supply, and easily identify counterfeiting.   With iTRACE 2DMI™ you protect the actual product not just the packaging or label allowing you to create a secure, permanent connection between every item and the Blockchain.

  • Covert at 100 microns wide

    Our encrypted micro-marks can be covertly applied at as little as 100 microns wide – smaller than the eye can see.

  • Applied to any solid surface

    Our solutions can be applied to virtually any solid surface including stainless steel, glass, diamond, plastic, and rubber, and can even be incorporated in soft goods and fabric at production line speeds.

  • Connect directly to the Blockchain

    iTRACE has made it extremely easy to interface with your implementation of Blockchain through its provided API,  allowing packaged transaction record data to be added without additional development or resources.  This allows you to create a permanent record of every transaction.

  • Quadrillion combinations per user

    With one Quadrillion (1015) unique combinations per user, we can track and trace any number of products under a single license key.

  • Encrypted and Secure

    Our solutions are fully encrypted and secure, preventing counterfeiters and diverters from reading your data and defeating your security. As the brand owner you own the keys.

  • Proprietary methods prevent duplication

    Our proprietary technology prevents mass duplication and ensures the integrity of the solution, while still integrating with all standard printing, reading and laser solutions.


Preventing grey market and diversion allows your retailers to maintain their margins and prevents price erosion across regions. By cutting off the grey market supply before it gets online, policing and promoting your online presence is simpler and more effective.

Identifying and removing counterfeit products from distribution protects your brand image and value, recaptures lost revenues, and prevents liability claims and loss from the failures of counterfeit products.

Preventing false warranty returns from counterfeit, used or grey market products allows you to reduce your support costs, keep bad product out of the customer environment, and improve the reliability of your systems.

Product overrun and third shift issues at OEM manufacturers mean that your market could be flooded with “genuine” product, made at the same factory and using the same parts as your brand. Identifying and eliminating unauthorized product from distribution allows for recapture of lost revenue and reduced support costs.

Being able to uniquely identify and track each individual product or component anywhere in the world provides real evidence which your legal team can use to cut off and shut down illegitimate vendors and operations. Recapture lost revenue, reduce support costs, and reduce liability from out-of-use and counterfeit products.