This week, CodeREADr completed the integration of iTRACE 2DMI into their iOS and Android scanning apps, allowing their users to authenticate parts at the same time as scanning other machine readable information from barcodes and QR-Codes.  The CodeREADr app uses the mobile device’s built in camera to capture and authenticate the iTRACE 2DMI Mark while capturing other product specific information in combination with other codes on the products. 

This integration now connects the CodeREADr apps directly to the iTRACE blockchain via the iTRACE mobile gateway, allowing every transaction to be recorded on the digital ledger and creating an immutable record of all of the transactions occurring on the app.  With the new CodeREADr app integration users will have true 2 Factor Product Authentication (2FA) directly on their mobile devices.

CodeREADr has produced this short video showing applications where 2DMI secure authentication can be scanned in combination with traditional serial number and product codes.  This allows the user to create a complete and validated record of a product scan for review and analysis of every unit.

We look forward to bringing these expanded capabilities of mobile app authentication through CodeREADr to companies around the world complementing our existing supply chain security solutions.

For more information on the CodeREADr Smart Barcode Scanning app and to download a demo of their cloud based data capture and validation platform, go to the CodeREADr website at or contact

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