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iTRACE Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of supply chain security applications for anti grey market and anti counterfeit, announced today the release of iTRACE 2DMI™ on Android for mobile blockchain authentication, track and trace.

iTRACE helps brands fight the issues of counterfeit, grey market, diversion and production overrun of their products with its blockchain connected iTRACE 2DMI™ supply chain security. With the launch of the Android app, iTRACE’s customers and partners now have the Android compliment to the existing iPhone app for mobile authentication. Users with Android based devices will now be able to scan the iTRACE proprietaryiTRACE 2DMI™ marks and securely create transactions on the blockchain digital ledger or any other database being used for authentication, track and trace.

“iTRACE 2DMI™ has been able to be scanned with iPhone and other imaging devices for many years, but this is the first time that users with Android mobile devices have been able to connect to the blockchain and authenticate their products. The addition of the Android OS version of our app has significantly broadened the number of people that can participate in authentication with their own devices,” said iTRACE Founder and CEO Mark Manning. “Giving customs officers, investigators and even end consumers the ability to guarantee the authenticity of the products in their hands gives the brands a very powerful tool to engage with their consumers in real time.”

The iTRACE mobile application can be branded and customized for individual applications, and features instant capture from continuous scanning without the need to press buttons or re-launch the camera. All of iTRACE’s mobile applications feature 2FA (two factor authentication) that can be used to secure existing human readable or 2D serialization solutions, complimenting and adding value to the existing investments that have been made in product security, track and trace.

iTRACE mobile applications allow transactions to be securely recorded on digital ledger technologies like blockchain, enabling a secure connection between the physical product and the digital blockchain. iTRACE 2DMI™ provides a much higher level of security and damage resistance than QR-Code, Datamatrix and barcodes are able to do, making it ideal for harsh environment applications in industries like medical device, automotive and aerospace.

About iTRACE Technologies, Inc.
iTRACE Technologies is a Silicon Valley California company that specializes in supply chain security, brand protection and product security. Our unique patented technology enables our customers to use 2 Factor Product Authentication (2FA) to secure their brands, prevent diversion, cut-off the grey market supply, and easily identify counterfeiting through blockchain connected applications.

For more information, visit https://www.itracetech.com or follow us on Twitter @itracetech https://twitter.com/itracetech

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