Protecting Provenance of Education Assets

For many people, their most valuable asset may not be their home but their degree. Even though degrees, education certificates, and professional designations are extremely valuable and poised to be even more valuable in the future, they do not have the appropriate level of security of provenance for such valuable assets.

Falsification of academic records has been a problem for a long time. As those assets become more valuable, counterfeiting issues will increase exponentially. Moreover, there are currently imperfect ways to protect the provenance of education and other intellectual capital assets.

Authenticated Provenance with Blockchain and NFTs.

NFT Degree was created as a joint venture between iTRACE Technologies, Inc. and The Futurist Institute to provide secure, authenticated provenance for education assets. The technology uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are all unique and placed on education assets. Their existence is recorded on a permanent blockchain that is maintained by the degree- or certificate-granting institution.

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The iTRACE 2DMI® Mark prevents the spoofing and mass replication that can occur with open-source technologies like QR-Code, DataMatrix, or barcode solutions.

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