A New Way to Secure the Automotive Supply Chain

The automotive aftermarket parts industry has been fighting the issues of counterfeit parts for many years.  Counterfeit brake pads, and suspension components have been implicated in many accidents causing serious injuries. Automotive brands are now looking for solutions more robust than just a basic 2D code system. Traditional solutions such as QR codes, datamatrix or barcodes, when used in isolation offer no real security.

The iTRACE mark offers instant smart phone authentication, and linked to CCL Design Authentication's QR code offers full supply chain management. It is impossible for counterfeiters to guess the next code sequence. If either the QR or 2DMI code are duplicated and reproduced, automatic alerts highlight multiple scans, wrong location etc. and the code is automatically voided.

To read more download the full pdf below.

The result of the integration of iTRACE 2DMI with CCL Design Authentication, has significantly raised the bar that counterfeiters and diverters have to overcome to fool a consumer or end user into using a fake product or component.

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