Disrupting Counterfeiting with Traceability – Case Study

The liability of counterfeit failure, product remarking and product diversion is an increasing problem for industrial equipment companies.  Their reputation is on the line with every component sold.  A large multinational electrical-equipment manufacturer has for years channeled substantial resources into fighting gray-market and counterfeit products, often via litigation. Recently the company adopted a preemptive strategy based on making counterfeiting more difficult and illicit supply chains easier to trace.

Powering this campaign is a close collaboration with MECCO and iTRACE Technologies. Together, the three enterprises have tailored an advanced marking-and- tracing approach that eliminates risks ranging from lost revenues to potential service and warranty liabilities.

To read more download the full pdf below.

Together we have identified and tracked five key measures of success:

– Reduced Diversion
– Improved Retailer Confidence and Trust
– Improved Distributor Satisfaction
– Improved Productivity
– Improved Deterrence


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