Mobile Image Capture Application for IOS 8

  • Start and Settings Screen

    This is the start screen for the iTrace Technologies 2DMI image capture application. Here you control your Dropbox account as well as the E-Mail configuration where you would like the decode information sent to.

  • Image Captured Screen

    Once you have selected or captured the image of the iTrace Technologies 2DMI mark it will automatically be converted to greyscale and resized to the 640 x 480 size preferred by the 2DMI Image Decoder

  • Application Home Screen

    This is the home screen for the 2DMI image capture application. Here you select the source of the image that you are going to capture. You can capture from the image library or directly from the iPhone camera

  • Image Uploaded to Your Dropbox

    Once the file has been saved to Dropbox you are notified of the file name and the converted image location. Filenames are given a date and time stamp and saved as jpg files. he decode information will be sent to the email address saved in the app settings.