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About itracetech RODEZ, France — When Alberto Contador won the Tour de France in 2010 while riding a bicycle made by Specialized for the first time, Andrew Love was both elated and apprehensive. “I knew they would be coming,” Love, the company’s head of brand protection, investigation and legal enforcement, recalled. Contador’s success was ultimately short-lived — the title was […]

An interesting story on the fake coffee business in Cambodia. Can the fake really taste better than the real thing? What are counterfeit goods? Counterfeit goods are fake items deliberately made to look genuine. These can range from clothes, bags, watches, perfume, cosmetics and electrical items as well as pirate DVDs, CDs, computer software and games. Although the crime of counterfeiting is not new, the sale of fake goods is increasing. More counterfeit items […]

The results are clear: The #counterfeit is a poorly-executed, and dangerous, replica.

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