You think the vaccine supply chain is secure? Had a great discussion last week about Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Security with Aaron Harmon and Diane Cox of Inside Out Quality and Mr. Supply Chain Daniel Stanton. This was in response to a story on counterfeit Rabies Vaccines that were found at a hospital by Dr. Karl Evans Henson. You know Covid vaccines are going to have this same issue right? As you’ll hear in this story from Dr Henson, the pharmaceutical and vaccine supply chain has a number of holes, and just shouting #blockchain at everything isn’t going to fix it without a real product security layer to go with it.

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Original article posted on Silicon Angle UPDATED 12:11 EDT / AUGUST 13 2020 BLOCKCHAIN Honeywell partners with iTRACE to embrace blockchain printed labels for supply chain management BY KYT DOTSON Multinational technology conglomerate Honeywell International Inc. today announced that it has partnered with iTRACE Technologies Inc. to build a blockchain distributed ledger platform that will help with complex supply chain […]

Original link: Honeywell printers can authenticate and register products providing real time track and trace using printed labels iTRACE Technologies’ patented secure blockchain enabled verification solution now available on Honeywell Marketplace August 12, 2020 CHARLOTTE, N.C., Aug. 12, 2020 – Honeywell (NYSE: HON) today announced it is helping companies with complex supply chains leverage blockchain technology for end-to-end tracing, identifying and removing counterfeit parts, improving inventory management and managing their brand reputation. Honeywell is working with iTRACE Technologies, Inc., a leading […]

On this edition of the @KulaRing podcast we figure out how implementing Supply Chain Security with #blockchain can also benefit the Marketing and Procurement teams at manufacturers around the world. Shoutouts included to Andrew Love of Specialized, Lisa Butters of Honeywell, Kensaku Takase at Baker McKenzie and Mr. Supply Chain for helping with the education along the way. The Kula Ring podcast is essential […]

Original post on Supply and Demand Chain Executive. By creating digital twins in a blockchain and incorporating authentication technologies, it is possible to implement a secure and scalable system that can track physical products with a digital supply chain. April 29, 2020 Lisa ButtersMark Manning Daniel Stanton Getty Images Supply chains are about to reach a […]